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you said in your book you preferred the hk 45 c over the sig p226 can you hint as to why?

”I love my sig226, however when you carry it suppressed and run sub sonic ammo there isn’t much knock down power. The 45 just has more ass behind it. I carried my pistol with a suppressor and IR laser for super quiet and super close action. The .45 simply worked better. Both great guns when we down selected the HK45 the sig 220 and glock 30 were also involved. I love sig but after spending some serious time with the 220 I came away not liking it at all. The glock 30 and HK worked it over pretty hard in the drills we conducted.”

are devgru guys required to use the 226 or is it personal preference?

‘’we get the Sig 226 and the HK45C. We have other pistols in the inventory as well but those two are the primary.’’



Why EOTech? Aimpoint Micro T-1 all the way (especially now that there is the 2 moa model)!

‘’ I love the reticle in the Eotech. Great for long range (center dot) and up close using the bottom post at 6 o’clock. Love my micro t as well. They made us our own 1 MOA years ago! That shit is pimp!!! Ha.’’

Whats the reasoning behind taping the adjustment screws on the eotech?

‘’ great question. If you don’t tape over them, they are likely to become loose or could be accidentally turned while your climbing or handling prisoners. By taping over them you KNOW without a doubt that your dope on your gun haven’t accidentally been moved’’

Is the 417 used by you guys?

‘’Yep, I had sweet 417 as well as my 416’’

I’ve noticed a lot of team guys run the gun holding the vfg as opposed to the c-clamp etc. Obv its all preference/comfort and it keeps your hand in the same place for light activation etc. Any other specifics as to why? I notice it primarily with Team dudes.’

‘’ just my opinion,,,,, whoever the hell came up with the “C clamp” method of shooting has probably spent all his time and the range and never in actual combat!!! Those are two totally different animals!! I combat shoot!!! Ie, hand on the very grip! Great question though!!!’’

Nice paint job on those rifles, how’d you do it ?

‘’check out the paint kits at LBX Tactical. Use the stencils’’

did you use any aftermarket rails(Geissele/Remington) on your 416? If so, did you prefer one over the other or is the original “enough”?

‘’ had a Geissele trigger, Remington rail system, Hogue grips, Magpul stock and vert grip. Nothing was standard!’’

I see the mount of the 3x but not the magnifier itself, why?

‘’The only time I actually attached the 3x to my gear was during the daytime. It doesn’t do you much good at night! I carry it in a pouch on my back with some extra batteries, power bars and all the little random shit you carry that you don’t need in a hurry. Once you know you’re staying overnight and it’s starting to get light out, have your buddy grab it for you. But never left home without it!’’

how quiet is it actually when you shoot a suppressed 416 or anything 5.56?

‘’ quiet enough not to be a recognizable gun shot from a short distance away. When shooting in a house room to room it still sounds like a gun shot, just muffled. That’s why we’ve started using the 300 blk out. It’s super quiet.’’


Are you finding it less necessary to run irons as the reliability of optics increases?

‘’Most modern optics are so reliable, plus the fact that I’ve almost always shot people using my IR lasers,,,, just less and less use for them. If all my options run out or stop working, something tells me ill be just fine looking down my barrel and shooting. Sounds lame, but the truth!’’

This MP7. Is it a gun for the pointman and the first stealthy shoots? I mean, I’m curious on how useful that caliber is from a few meters away.

‘’works great up close. Over 100 Meters,,,, the ballistics suck. There is a place for it though. When I carried the MP7 I typically carried the M79 “pirate gun” as well for a bit more ass.’’


Did you prefer your 416 or MP7 when conducting missions?

‘’ 416 by far!!!!  At first I wasent sure about them because they were heavier than my M4. But after 6 months of running it along with my advanced armament can,,, I can’t shoot anything but the HK416’’

Why tape over the suppressor on the MP7?

‘’ because if your not careful you can get dirt and other shit caught in the end of your suppressor.’’

Do you still run mp5’s in the teams or have all of you made the move to the mp7?

‘’ MP5 are still in the inventory however the MP7s are light years better so we don’t really touch the MP5s anymore’’

14 thoughts on “Weapons

  1. bill huntley

    Now that you are out of the NAVY, do you have a personal M4/Carbine? What is the brand name of the M4 and brand names of the accessories and how do you have it setup? And do you have more than one M4?

    1. nldmerlin Post author

      So far as I know Mark has this:

      Sig Sauer P290RS Duo tone
      Salient Arms Tier One Glock 19
      Salient Arms Benelli M4
      10.4 inch HK416 coated in AOR1 with a Magpul ctr stock and foregrip. Geissele rail and trigger, . AAC suppressor, Surefire scout light with the S&S precicion mount. PEQ-15 pointer, EOtech reddot. Hogue finger grooved pistol grip

      1. Tony Tay

        Do we know if in fact it was a Geissele rail or was it a Remington RAHG? I remember reading that it was (RAHG) somewhere else in this Blog.Also would Mark’s Geissele (or RAHG) rail have been issued in black or dark earth? Appreciate any answers guys…thks much!

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  3. Dea

    Hi Mark and nidmerlin,
    I’m curious to what Mark would recommend as the handgun for a first time concealed carry handgun purchaser. No other firearms in possession, 5’10 160lb male. Would it be a Glock 19 or 26?

    1. nldmerlin Post author

      Sorry for the late reply. If you havent bought anything yet I would suggest to try different types and also different brands. There is nothing wrong with Glock but it depends on the shooter too. If you can carry the G19 without problems then go for it. If you prefer a bit smaller, G26 or G43

  4. José Norzagaray

    Mr Owen, I have a question. Hope you can answer it.
    We all know DEVGRU guys use HK45, but which holster do you use for it?

  5. AK

    Hey Mark few questions for you. Got your book bought it in Turkey at airport great read . Looking forward for your new book in Nov. Did you work with NDS Shaheen Unit? or Afghan commandos unit 444 or 333 Unit CT? I have worked with CRU Unit Police special Unit and they kick ass . These are Afghan Unit in STAN.

  6. Marshall mccoy

    I’ve read “no easy day” and am currently reading “no hero” and the pictures in both books show the standard 416 rail. What made you want to switch? Thank you and also your article in Recoil magazine was great.

  7. Tony Tay

    Hi nidmerlin / Mark…

    Was hoping you could help clear up a question. Did Red Sqdn and / or other DG units make exclusive use of the HK416 only and not the Mk18 Mod1 at all?

    If so, is it correct to say the Mod18 Mod1 was used mainly by NSW units?

    Hope you can help – it’s been bugging the hell out of me and my mates. Thks!

    Tony Tay


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